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SLOW FOOD-10 Δεκεμβρίου η μέρα της "Μητέρας Γης" (Terra Madre Day)

Christmas Greek cuisine ...

..... And Athens will participate in family events and prepare a dinner based on the Greek culinary tradition of Christmas.
Especially I etoimasoyme the local sweets , New Year's cake, pastries, sandwiches and melomakarona.

On December 10 the "Day of Mother Earth

On 10 December, in 160 countries, Mother Earth, will be dedicated to the Food Network Slow Food community.

The event is dedicated to the celebration of good food, clean and fair.

This year aims to raise funds to finance the creation of thousands of gardens in Africa.

Celebrated for the first time last year, the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Slow Food International.
Terra Madre Day - Celebrate eating locally

Christmas in Greek cuisine

Hiring: Athens

December 10, 2010

ATHENS, Greece

We will prepare a dinner of traditional Greek cuisine Christmas.

We will sample some local cooking as tsoureki (big dunk a biscuit)

melomakarona (honey biscuits) and kourabiedes (great biscuits with icing sugar).

Coordinator: Angelo Saracini

Location of Your Mother Earth Day Event:


https: / / / site / slowfoodathens /

https: / / / site / slowfoodathens /

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