giovedì 5 aprile 2012

The letter of the 77 yrs pharmacist.I believe that young people without a future, someday will take up arms in Syntagma Square will hang upside down the traitors of the NATION, as did the Italians in 1945 to Mussolini.

The occupation governmentTsolakoglou*annihilated 
any trace of our survival
based on a decentpension for which Ionly paid 
(withoutstate aid) for 35 years.

Because I have an age which does not give me the ability to dynamically react individually (without of course rule outif one 
Greek takes up the  kalasnikof the second should be me)  
I find no alternative than a dignifient end before I startlooking in the garbage for my diet.

I believe that young people without a future
someday will take up arms in Syntagma Square
will hang upside down the traitors of the NATION,
as did the Italians in 1945 to Mussolini.

* Tsolakoglou, "GR" PM during the German occupation 

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