mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Provocazione nazionalista di Skopye all'aeroporto di Salonicco....mandano SMS ai viaggiatori... welcome to Macedonia...Τα Σκόπια καλωσορίζουν με SMS στην χώρα τους όσους προσγειώνονται στην Θεσσαλονίκη!

Welcome to Macedonia, the cradle of civilization. During your stay we strongly recommend that you visit the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle and the Memorial House of Mother Teresa in Skopje, the Memorial Center of Toshe Proeski in Krushevo, the Museum on Water in Ohrid and the Ancient Observatory in Kokino.
T-Mobile welcomes you to the Republic of Macedonia! For assistance please call +38970122. Have a pleasant stay in our country!

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