lunedì 15 dicembre 2014

All eyes are once again on Greece.Anche gli americani scaricano Samaras!...(come avevano fatto con Papandreou!...e benedicono Tsipras!)

...e ironia della sorte... Samaras sta ricevendo da Tsipras lo stesso trattamento da egli riservato all'ex premier socialista George Papandreu.

The Economic Consequences of Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras

As Greece Prepares for a Crucial Vote, Much Hinges on a Handful of Representatives

Investors are also skeptical that Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras will succeed where Mr. Samaras has failed to secure debt relief. That partly reflects a growing consensus that Greece’s debts are in fact sustainable. Although the nominal debt-to-gross-domestic-product ratio is high at more than 170%, Greece’s long-term average interest cost is just 2.3%, below that of many other eurozone countries.

Europe, get ready for war!

The "Battle of Greece" will be decisive ..

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