mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Αδρεναλίνη ("Adrenaline" Ksylina spathia - Mora sti fotia)ADRENALINA Spade di legno

An "indignant" cover of the greek song "Adrenaline", which is another kind of Molotov cocktail, dedicated to all those who ruled and are still ruling my country.

Μια "αγανακτισμένη" διασκευή της "Αδρεναλίνης", που αποτελεί μια άλλου τύπου Μολότωφ, αφιερωμένη σ όλους αυτούς που κυβέρνησαν και κυβερνούν την χώρα μου. A brief review of the contemporary history of Greece, which could be entitled: "From the American Junta of 1963, to the European junta of 2011" (the good and the bad cop).
The zombie of fascism woke up again and it is something that concerns all the citizens of the Planet. A scheduled genocide is being in progress in Greece. And that`s only the beginning. We need help. We send an SOS to all the world

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